Behind the Quartet with Ben Dollman

A personal introduction to the Brandenburg Quartet, by Ben Dollman.


Ben Dollman, period violin, performing with the Brandenburg Quartet.

"The experience of being part of this wonderful quartet has been a journey of discovery from day one. Already we’ve had the pleasure of performing both around Australia and in Japan; of beginning to explore one of the greatest periods of development in Western classical music; and perhaps most importantly, of developing a greater rapport and understanding of each other as musical colleagues."

Shaun Lee-Chen, period violin, performing with the Brandenburg Quartet.

"A string quartet is a very special vehicle for music-making – it allows for an intimate musical conversation to develop between all four players. Building this kind of mutual understanding was one of the reasons for forging this quartet out of our orchestra, and it’s something that we are really excited to watch unfold as we move forward. The sound of a string quartet on period instruments is also something rich and very special, and rarely heard in Australia. What we can make of this on our instruments is one of the joys of this exploration."

Monique O'Dea, period viola, performing with the Brandenburg Quartet.

"Our upcoming tour program begins in the passionate Kingdom of Naples, where some of the most adventurous music was composed through the 18th century. Francesco Durante’s four part Concerto for Strings brings forth fiery colours and interplay in a way that precedes the innovations of Josef Haydn further north. This is followed by a fresh voice of the period, Andreas Romberg, an early colleague of Beethoven whose work is a striking blend of Germanic strength and charming Italianate flair, particularly in the virtuosic 1st Violin part. Then for a stormy and dramatic finale: be swept away by the second quartet of Haydn’s great Opus 76, a collection written at his creative peak under the free rein of the Esterhazy court."

Jamie Hey, period cello, performaning with the Brandenburg Quartet.

"Like all good music it takes both performers and audience on a journey to places outside of our normal world, and expands us in ways we might not otherwise imagine. This period of music especially was one that saw some of the greatest musical minds come together in a relatively short timeframe, sparking a rush of creative endeavour."

The Brandenburg Quartet.



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