Rainer and Paul shoot the breeze

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Paul's brunch with Rainer Saville

Paul and Rainer (baroque trumpet) discussed a shared love of swimming and the classics over eggs and coffee. Welcome to Paul's Baroque Brunch!

What's on the menu for brunch today, Rainer?
Today I'm going for a flat white and eggs Benedict.

A classic choice! Can you tell us about the first instrument you had?
I had a $200 cornet, it was dented, well-loved before I got my hands on it. I was nine years old and had been hit by my first pangs of jealousy as my older sister had started playing trumpet at school. I just had to get my hands on one. I joined the band at school, which consisted of one horn, flute, euphonium, violin, and myself on trumpet. We sounded very well balanced (wink)!

Did you always know you wanted to be a professional musician?
I probably started taking music seriously from about Year 9, that's when I really began to enjoy practice and really getting to know my instrument and what it could do. Before that I had an arrangement with my parents – I had to clock a certain amount of practice in order to regain my rights to my Xbox!

Is your family musical?
My sister is a freelance trumpet player and my parents are both really good guitarists. Dad played trumpet in cadets and he encouraged my sister and I to take it up. Mum is learning the piano and taking AMEB grades – and sounding great!

On a weekend off, what's top on your list of things to do?
Coffee always comes first. After that, maybe a trip to the beach on a nice sunny day. I really like Walsh Bay – seeing  a show at STC, followed by Fratelli Fresh isn't a bad way to spend a Saturday either!

Sounds like we have similar perfect weekends! What makes you happy?
Insanely good food makes me happy. I was treated to Aria for my birthday last year and I'll never forget it.

What would you say is the best piece of advice you ever received?
Definitely this: When in doubt, play music. Even though I perform a lot I still get nervous before concerts, so I try to keep this in mind if I'm feeling particularly adrenalized.

Do you have a ritual to conquer those pre-concert nerves?
I usually go for a run in the morning, clear my head and get ready for the day. I make sure I do a good warm up, and as much as possible just treat to it like a normal day. 

Who would you say is the best travel buddy in the orchestra?
Everyone is really great to travel with, they were all very welcoming when I first joined the Brandenburg. I would have to say Leanne is my favourite travel buddy. Leanne was my teacher for ten years throughout high school and university, and we've toured together internationally and throughout Australia. So naturally we've become close and have a great rapport. We've done lots of Brandenburg together!

Is there a random fact people don't know about you?
I got into NIDA in Melbourne. I was planning on doing both NIDA and ANAM at the same time, but realised the commitment was a bit of a stretch, so I went with ANAM. English was one of my favourite subjects at school, and particularly enjoyed studying Shakespeare. I thought Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet was very cool. 

Who knows, you might be the next Kenneth Branagh! Your first program with the Brandenburg wasn't that long ago...
No, it was in 2013 when I was still in uni, I'd been working with Leanne on baroque trumpet for a while and she felt I was ready and put me forward to join the Brandenburg. This is actually my first Noël! Noël! concert and I'm really looking forward to it!


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