Meet the Orchestra

We are very fortunate to have the most talented baroque specialists from around Australia playing with our orchestra.

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…what stands out at concert after concert is the impression that this bunch of musicians is having a really good time. They look at each other and smile, they laugh…there’s a warmth and sense of fun not often associated with classical performance.
– Sydney Morning Herald

Artistic Director 
Paul Dyer AO**, Sydney

Shaun Lee-Chen*+, Perth, Baroque Violin

Associate Concertmaster
Matt Bruce*, Sydney, Baroque Violin

Baroque Violin
Ben Dollman*^%, Adelaide
James Armstrong#, Sydney
Aaron Brown, Brisbane
Rafael Font, Sydney
Matthew Greco, Sydney
Natalia Harvey, Melbourne
Shane Lestideau, Melbourne
Anna McMichael, Sydney
Lorraine Moxey(1), Orange
Bianca Porcheddu(2), Canberra
Catherine Shugg, Melbourne
Simone Slattery, Adelaide
Emma Williams, Amsterdam
Tim Willis, Melbourne

Baroque Viola
Monique O’Dea(3)^, Sydney
Deirdre Dowling, Paris
James Eccles, Sydney
Christian Read, Melbourne
Katherine Yap, Melbourne
Marianne Yeomans, Sydney

Baroque Cello
Jamie Hey*^@, Melbourne
Dan Curro, Brisbane
Anthea Cottee, Sydney
Rosemary Quinn, Sydney

Viola da Gamba/Baroque Cello
Anton Baba, Sydney
Laura Moore, Melbourne

Lirone/Viola da Gamba
Laura Vaughan^, Melbourne

Baroque Bass/Violone
Robert Nairn(4)*^, Adelaide
Libby Browning, Perth

Theorbo/Baroque Guitar
Tommie Andersson*^!, Sydney
Nicholas Pollock, Melbourne

Baroque Flute/Recorder
Melissa Farrow*^~, Sydney
Mikaela Oberg, Sydney

Baroque Oboe
Emma Black^, Vienna
Kirsten Barry, Melbourne
Adam Masters, Melbourne
Christopher Palameta^, Paris

Period Clarinet
Craig Hill^, Melbourne
Nicole van Bruggen, Brisbane
Ashley Sutherland, Melbourne

Baroque Bassoon
Jane Gower^, Copenhagen
Lisa Goldberg, Gent
Ben Hoadley, Canberra
Brock Imison, Melbourne
Simone Walters, Hobart

Baroque Horn
Michael Dixon^, Sydney
Dorée Dixon, Perth
Lisa Wynne-Allen, Sydney

Sackbut/Period Trombone
Nigel Crocker^, Sydney
Roslyn Jorgensen^, Sydney
Keal Couper^, London
Brett Page, Sydney

Baroque Trumpet
Leanne Sullivan^, Sydney
Richard Fomison^, Brisbane
Alexandera Bieri, Sydney

Cornetto/Baroque Trumpet
Matthew Manchester^, Sydney

Baroque Harp
Hannah Lane^, Melbourne

Brian Nixon^, Sydney

Jess Ciampa, Sydney
Adam Cooper-Stanbury, Sydney

Harpsichord/Fortepiano/Chamber Organ
Paul Dyer*, Sydney
Joanna Butler, Sydney
Heidi Jones(5), Sydney

* Denotes Core Brandenburg Musician
^ Denotes Section Leader
# Denotes Member of the Brandenburg Mentor Fellowship
+ Concertmaster chair supported by Jacqui and John Mullen
% Principal Second Baroque Violin supported by Dr Edward Curry-Hyde and Dr Barbara Messerle
@ Baroque Cello Chair supported by Mrs W.G. Keighley
! Theorbo/Baroque Guitar Chair supported by the Alexandra and Lloyd Martin Family Foundation and friends in memory of Lloyd Martin AM
~ Principal Baroque Flute/Recorder Chair supported by Robyn Martin-Weber and Victoria Taylor
** Artistic Director supported by Mick and Lyndall McCormack
(1) Lorraine Moxey appears courtesy of Kinross Wolaroi School, Orange (staff)
(2) Bianca Porcheddu appears courtesy of Gold Creek Senior School, an International Baccalaureate World School, Canberra (Staff)
(3) Monique O’Dea appears courtesy of Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney (staff)
(4) Robert Nairn appears courtesy of The Conservatorium of Melbourne (staff)
(5) Heidi Jones appears courtesy of SCEGGS, Sydney (staff)


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