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Gut strings and the gentle sound of a theorbo.

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The Brandenburg - on period instruments

We celebrate the music of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries with excellence, flair and joy. For us, that means we are using original edition scores and instruments of the period, whilst breathing fresh life and vitality into baroque and classical masterpieces with the best baroque talents of today. As though the music has just sprung from the composer’s pen!

Take the Baroque violin - it is almost always fitted with gut strings (compared to metal or synthetic strings on a modern violin) resulting in a warm, rich and textured sound.

Or the gentle sound of the theorbo, developed specifically to complement the human voice.

Or, the at times temperamental Baroque horn, or the charming notes of a harpsichord.

It is new, it is old, and it is fabulous.”
- Sydney Morning Herald

Or simply listen to Kristian Bezuidenhout introducing the Fortepiano below - in his own words; '...the sound has a kind of tenderness, a kind of transparency, and an incredibly touching, fragile quality.'


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