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Modern baroque stars set to ignite.

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"The future is bright"
Paul Dyer, Artistic Director
Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane from 27 July
How does Paul Dyer follow up a runaway success like Mozart Requiem: 100 Voices? By bringing his A-team to the stage and letting the sparks fly.
Blazing Baroque is my chance to show off our high-octane team of modern baroque stars,” says Paul Dyer. “In this concert my vibrant, passionate and talented musicians will ignite the stage with brilliance and bravado.”

The Brandenburg’s Artistic Director is excited about turning the spotlight on musicians of his orchestra: “I know that this concert series will be one of the concert highlights of 2016. We started the orchestra 26 years ago specifically to play this intense, dramatic and thrilling music on the instruments for which it was written. 

"Blazing Baroque will show that the modern Brandenburg musicians have their own edge and hunger which adds a whole new dimension to the sound and the experience in 2016.

"The future is bright for baroque music in Australia and you'll find it here in
 Blazing Baroque."

Audiences will hear stunning masterpieces with rare combinations of instruments, with recently appointed concertmaster
 Shaun Lee-Chen, Melissa Farrow and Mikaela Oberg all featuring in dazzling and virtuosic concertos.

As well as serving up his take on the familiar and famous, Paul always likes to bring something new to the table.
 Blazing Baroque includes music by Vivaldi and Telemann, as well as Sammartini and Fasch, two of the lesser-known baroque masters whose music he champions to 21st century audiences.

The players
Australian Brandenburg Orchestra
Shaun Lee-Chen concertmaster & soloist, baroque violin
Melissa Farrow soloist, traverso
Mikaela Oberg soloist, recorder
Paul Dyer artistic director & conductor

The Music
Sammartini Overture to opera Memet, J-C 88
Vivaldi Concerto for violin in D major, Grosso mogul, RV 208
, soloist Shaun Lee-Chen (baroque violin)
Telemann Grand Concerto in D major, TWV deest
Vivaldi Concerto in F major for several instruments RV 569
Telemann Concerto in E minor for traverso & recorder, TWV 52:e1
, soloists Melissa Farrow (traverso) & Mikaela Oberg (recorder)
Fasch Concerto in D major, FWV L:D4a

Media Enquiries: Steven Godbee Publicity
0408 706 099 or 
Blazing Baroque
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