Our Thanks

A heartfelt thanks to all our generous supporters who play a vital role helping the Brandenburg fulfil its mission to share the joy and beauty of Baroque with as many Australians as possible.

Thank You To Donors Page
“Thanks to the tremendous generosity of you and your fellow Brandenburg supporters, we have established nothing short of cultural excellence as Australia’s national Baroque orchestra for nearly 30 years. Our dream is to continue doing exactly this – achieving excellence, inspiring audiences and sharing our music with you for many more years to come.”
Paul Dyer AO, Artistic Director and Bruce Applebaum, Managing Director


Artistic Director supported by Mick and Lyndall McCormack
Paul Dyer AO

Concertmaster Chair supported by Jacqui and John Mullen
Shaun Lee-Chen

Principal Second Violin Chair supported by Dr Edward Curry Hyde & Dr Barbara Messerle 
Ben Dollman

Principal Viola Chair supported by the Patricia H. Reid Endowment
Monique O'Dea

Principal Baroque Cello Chair supported by Mrs W. G. Keighley
Jamie Hey

Principal Theorbo / Baroque Guitar Chair supported by The Alexandra and Lloyd Martin Family Foundation and friends, in memory of Lloyd Martin AM
Tommie Andersson

Principal Baroque Flute / Recorder Chair supported by Robyn Martin-Weber and Victoria Taylor
Melissa Farrow


Dedicated to the memory of James Strong AO
Chairman’s 11 supports the Brandenburg’s international and local guest artists

Mrs Roxane Clayton
Richard and Diana Fisher
Mrs W G Keighley
Mrs Susan Maple-Brown, AM
Mrs Alison Park
Skipp Williamson and Carol Haynes


Mary Holt and the late Dr John Holt

CHRISTINA $10,000 or above
Anthony Adair and Karen McLeod Adair
Aidan Allen
Graham Bradley AM and Charlene Bradley
Jillian Broadbent AC
Dr Catherine Brown-Watt PSM and Mr Derek Watt+
Louise Christie
Jane and David Duncan
Michael Ebeid AM and Roland Howlett
John and Jenny Fast
Ann Gordon
Chris and Gina Grubb
Carol Haynes and Skipp Williamson^
Tom Hayward and Fiona Martin-Weber
Mary Holt and the late Dr John Holt
Mrs W. G. Keighley
Greg Livingstone
Mick and Lyndall McCormack
Jacqui and John Mullen
Patricia H. Reid Endowment
John and Joanne Pickhaver
Lady Potter AC CMRI
Dr David and Dr Gillian Ritchie
Rodwell Foundation
Rowan Ross AM and Annie Ross
Jeanne-Claude Strong in memory of James Strong
Sally and Geoffrey White+
Anonymous x 3

RUSPOLI $5,000 - $9,999
Antoinette Albert+
Andrew and Melanie Baigent
Glenn Barnes
Mrs Ros Bracher AM
David and Leith Bruce-Steer+
Wayne Burns and Kean Onn See
Elizabeth Butcher AM
Jim Cousins AO and Libby Cousins
The Faithfull Family
John Forsyth and Ann Verschuer
Cary and Rob Gillespie
Richard Grellman
Susan Hilliard
Katie Lahey AM and Robert Marriott
Diana Marks and Dennis Bluth
J and R MacLeod
Richard and Rowena McDonald^
Rohan Mead
Rointon Nugara and Brendan Nugent
Hugh Morgan AC and Elizabeth Morgan^
Mrs Roslyn Packer AC
In Memory of Jenny Parramore
Jacqueline Rowlands
Pip Smith
Brendan Sowry
Loreto Toorak
The Stirling Family^
Mark and Debra Taylor
Sandra Watson
Sheryl Weil
Dr Jason Wenderoth
Cameron Williams
David and Xenia Williamson
Ray Wilson OAM in memory of James Agapitos OAM
Peter and Jenny Wohl
Anonymous x 2

DURAZZO $1,000 – $4,999
Janet Abernethy and Richard Willis
Richard Adams
Philipa Allsop and John Cottrell-Dormer
J M Alroe
Brett Andersen and Brad Bowen
John and Robyn Armstrong
Ian Baker and Cheryl Saunders
Joan and Jeff Barcham
Peter Barclay
Admiral Christopher Barrie AC and Mrs Maxine Barrie
Frederic Baudry and Paul Bailey
Larissa Behrendt
Marianne Birch
Jean Birrell
Professor Fran Boyle AM
Caroline Brand^
Keith and Louise Brodie
Diana Brookes
Graham and Cheryl Brooks
Meredith Brooks
Dr Roderick Brooks and Ms Carol Shaw
Kay Buckeridge
Neil and Jane Burley
Henry Burmester and Peter Mason
Ita Buttrose AO OBE
Dr Beverley and Mr Alan Castleman
Robin Campbell
Peter and Jan Clark
Rebecca and Craig Clarke
Bernard Coles QC
Emeritus Professor Martin Comte OAM
Frank and Jan Conroy*
Myles Coolican
Professor Geoffrey N Cooper
Dom Cottam and Kanako Imamura
Toula and Nicholas Cowell^
Dr John Dale AO and Mrs Joan Dale
Chum Darvall AM
Prudence and Peter Davenport
David Davies and Paul Presa
Margaret and Chris de Guingand
Emeritus Professor Dexter Dunphy AM
Kerri Eager
Rosemary Farrow
Wendy and Ron Feiner
Shoshana Finberg
Peter Fletcher AM and Kate Fletcher
Nancy Fox and Bruce Arnold
Valmae Freilich
Barbara and Malcolm France
Brian and Philippa France
Eleanor Freeman
Rosie Freeman
Carrillo and Ziyin Gantner
Anne and Justin Gardener
Bill and Julie Goold
Jocelyn Goyen
Ken Groves and Yun-sik Jang
Michael Halliday
Bruce and Jo Hambrett
Jane Hemstritch
In memory of Armon Hicks Jnr
Dr Ailsa Hocking and Dr Bernard Williams
J & W Holmes à Court
Simon and Katrina Holmes à Court
Carr and Ann Hordern
Jenny and Peter Hordern
J L Hossack
John Hughes
Jill and David Hunt
Belinda Hutchinson AM*
Dr Alastair Jackson AM
Gayl Jenkins & Chris Pellegrinetti
Jim & Kim Jobson
Emma Johnson
Nuala and Ajit Kamath
Helen Keir
The Hon Rod Kemp and Mrs Daniele Kemp
Liana Kestelman
Lizanne and Julian Knights AO^
Nicholas Korner
Anna and Richard Kopinski
A Koumoukelis Family
John Lamble AO
A le Marchant
Harvey and Janette Lewis
Paul Lindwall and Joanne Frederiksen
Vicki and Adam Liberman
Richard and Elizabeth Longes
Anne Loveridge and Graeme Foster
Professor Roy and Doctor Kimberley MacLeod
Glenice & James Maclellan^
Marian Magee and David Castillo
Aggie Maisano
Morris and Helen Margolis
Joanna B Maxwell
Mora Maxwell
Janet McCredie
Peter McGrath
Judith McKernan and Jan Kneeshaw
Geoffrey and Irena Meadows
Fiona Mellor and Scott Tanner^
Elizabeth Mildwater
John Milhinch OAM
Dr David Millons AM and Mrs Barbara Millons
John Mitchell
A & K Molino
June Musgrove in memory of Dr Peter Musgrove
John and Susan Myatt
Andrew Naylor
Robert Niall and Dr Jill Sewell AM
Dr Paul Nisselle AM and Mrs Sue Nisselle^
Rosemary and James O'Collins
Annette Olle
Trevor J Parkin
Remembering Tom and Jenny Parramore
Adrianne Pecotic and Mark Cahill
Dr Kevin Pedemont
Christina Pender
Professor David Penington AC
Helen Perlen
Vera Pickering
Jim and Chris Pollitt
Joan Poulton
Barry and Marie-Claire Price
Ted and Jean Radford
Wayne Redman
Alexander and Rosemary Roche
Lois Roffey
Leslie and Jennifer Rosen
Alison Rosenberg
Sylvia Rosenblum
Peter Rush
Justice Ronald Sackville AO and Mrs Pamela Sackville
Alison Savage
Gary Schiller and Diana Eilert
Tony Schlosser
John Scott
Celina Seeto
Dr Gideon and Mrs Barbara Shaw
Paul Sheehan and Susan Wyndham
Robert Sheen
Mr Charlie Shuetrim AM and Mrs Sandra Shuetrim
Dr Agnes Sinclair
Alan and Jennifer Smith
Chris and Bea Sochan
Beverley Southern#
Dr Murray and Mrs Joy Stapleton
Linda Stern
Charles Such
Chee Ling Tan^
Mike Thompson
Sue Thomson
Renaissance Tours
Richard and Lynne Umbers
Tiiu Vanamois
C and P Vaughan-Reid
Stephen and Ruth Walsh
Derek Taylor and Mark Wheeler
Dr. Anthony Williams
Judith Williams
Michael and Caroline Williams
Richard & Lale Williamson
Dr Peter C Wilton
Dr David Wood and Mr Gary Fung
K A Wratten
David Zehner
Anonymous x 44

SUPPORTER I $500 - $999
Priscilla Adey
Justice Ann Ainslie-Wallace
Murray and Lynn Aldridge
Lynn and Sidney Anderson
Michaela and Anthony Anderson
Catriona Arcamone
Philippa and John Armfield
Jaci Armstrong
Jillian Arnott
Bruce Atkinson
Tony Atkinson
Jennifer Atta
Arie Baelde
Jim and Sue Baillie
John Baird
Alan Baker
Carolyn Baker
Sally Banfield
Catherine Barralet
Shirley and Peter Barta
Malcolm Baxter
Andrew and Rosalind Bean
Elisabeth Beech
David and Angela Bell
Fiona Bell
Michael Bell
John Benyon
Michael and Jennifer Boland
Graham Bone
Edward Bracks
Diana M Brand
Robert Briet
Primrose and Charles Bright
Catherine Broady
The Browning Family
Maria and Dennis Bruce
Prof. D. H. Bryant OAM
Q Bryce
Shane Buggle & Rosie Callanan
Jenny and Henry Burger
Annette and Kevin Burges
Trish Burns AM
Susan Butler
David and Louise Byrne
JM & MA Cameron
Professor Dianne Campbell
Tony Cardamone
Dr Susan Carden
John and Amanda Cartmill
Marilyn and Tim
Jocelyn Castile
Louise Causer
Anthony and Mary Clark
Bruce Clark
Marianne Cochrane
Margaret Cole
Rick and Sue Coles*
Karen Colla
Peter and Elizabeth Comino
Janet Conroy
Ian Cooke
Bronwyn Coop
Chris and Trudy Coote
Harold Corbould
Lee and Geoffrey Craig
Michael Crawcour
Susan and Michael Crivelli
Anne Cronin
Janet Currer
Eric Dale and Lyndal Kelly
Jennifer Darin and Dennis Cooper
Sid and Elaine Davidoff
Mel and Penny Davis
Nuala Davis
Michele Day
Mary de Merindol
Peter de Waal AM
Deborah Debnam
John Derrick
Jane Diamond
Anne and Jennifer Dineen
Margaret Dobbin
Joan Domicelj AM
Peter and Margaret Donovan
Joan Douglas
Janet Doust
Craig Downing
Hennie du Plooy
Geoffery Duggin
Julia M Dunlop
Pam Durie
Peter and Jillian Dwyer
Jane Edmanson OAM
Cynthia Edmonds
Edward Elliot
Debra Ely-Davis
Rita Erlich
Bronwyn Evans and Peter Gordon
David and Helen Evans
John Fegent
Susan and Daniel Feldman
Kay Fell
Teresa Fels
Jennifer Ferguson
Michael Schlechta and Michelle Fincke
Sarah Findlay
John Firth
Brian and Leonie Fisher
Sarah Fitzherbert
William Fitzsimons
Helen Fleming
Allayne Foley
Peta Forster and Mark Anderson
John and Diana Frew
Peter Friend
Gabriella Furtenbach
Margaret Gall
Justin and Anne Gardener
Christine George
David and Roslyn H Gibb
Gaye and Philip Gibbs
Judith Gibson
Richard Gintel
Lewis Gomes
John and Margaret Gordon
Philip and Anabel Gosse
Keren Gould
Carole A. P. Grace
Peter and Deirdre Graham
Bryan Gray
Richard and Anna Green
Deryn Griffiths
Margaret Grove
Leonie and Graham Gunn
Howard and Mitzie Gurney
Stephen Halgren
Cheryl and Graham Hall
Charles Hammersla JP
Janet Hansen
Deborah Harcourt and Peter Harris
Peter and Jan-Amanda Harkin
Gillian Harrex
Chris and Kathy Harris
Victoria Hartstein
Matilda Hartwell
Sandra Haslam
Roger and Scarlet Hawke
Rachel Hawkeswood
Maryan Heffernan
Meredith Hellicar
Bernard Henry
Bill and Jeannie Henry
Corinna Hente
Wilson Heriot
Virginia Ho
Geoff Hogbin
Cavan and Mira Hogue
Ian and Suzanne Holden
Sue Holliday
Gerard and Helen Hooper
Patricia Horsley
Georgina Horton
John J and Pat Howard
Lisa Hurrell
Greg Hutchinson AM and Lynda Hutchinson
Ian Robert Innes
Lynne Jensen^
Helen Johnston
Michael Jones
Iphygenia Kallinikos
John and Joanna Hempton
Jill Karhan
Penny Kater
Margaret Kaye
Irene Kearsey and Michael Ridley
Catharine Kench
Andrew and Prue Kennard
Eileen Kennedy
Pamela Kenny in memory of Peter*
Dr Jerry Koliha and Ms Marlene Krelle
Marcel and Mimi Kreis^
L. Krienbuhl
Caroline Lamb
Sally Lancaster
Alan Lane
John Laurie
Geoff Lavender and Elizabeth A. Lavender
Gillian Lee
Pamela E Lee
Warwick Lee
Anna Lendvay
Mira Levy
Graham Lewarne
Robyn Jennifer Lipson
Mary Little
The Alexandra and Lloyd Martin Family Foundation
George Lloyd
C and A Long
David A Lonie
Peter and Elaine M Lucas
Betty Lynch
John Lysaght
Graham MacDonald
Elizabeth Mackenzie and Michael Bremner
Louise Madelaine
Alix Magney
Bruce Maguire
Graham and Lyn Maloney
Rosemary Mangiamele
Colin Martin
Barbara Mathieson
Roly and Gabby Maxwell
Celia May
Anthony and Denise Mazzai
Peter McCall
Sheelagh McCracken and Andrew Boxall
Maureen McCutcheon
Janet McDonald
Ian and Deborah McDougall
Noel and Donna McIntosh
McKendrick Family
Jennifer McKendry
Colin and Phillippa McLachlan
Annabel McLean
Gavan McLennan
Ross McNair and Robin Richardson
Karin Messerle and Gottfried Otting
Paul Millay
Jean Miller
Russ and Mandy Miller
Peter Miszalski
Anna Mitchell
Michael Monaghan
David Moore
Melissa Moore
Philip and Monica Moore
Niq Morcos and Morgaine Williams
Graeme and Margaret Morgan
Anne Murphy Cruise
Colin Murray
Steven Nagle and Rosalind Elliott
Peter and Susan Nixey
Peter Noble
Philip O'Connell
Justine Oldmeadow
Nicholas O'Neill
E. K. Palmer
Helen Panckhurst
Robert Parkinson
Karen Parramore
Dianne Patenall
Mark Paterson and Anne Riches
Elisabeth Peet
John Peisley and Ros Royal
John Percy
Allen Peterson
Jesper Peterson
David Piggott
Dorothy Piggott
Christiana and Adrian Plitzco
Magda Pollak
Richard Pollitt
Eleanor Powell
Stuart and Sonia Powell
Kerryn Pryde
Silvio and Carolyn Quadrio
David Quick
Anna, Frank and Patricia Quicler
Gwen Rafferty
Art and Cynthia Raiche
James Raleigh and Elizabeth Thompson
Ken Ramshaw
Peter Redman
Edward Reid
Peter and Karen Reid
Paul Rein
Faye Retchford
Susan Dixon and Stephen Rix
Ian Roberts
Colin Robertson
Patricia Rolfe
Sylvia Romanik
David Rosenfeld
Peter Ross
Vilmos and Mary Rudolf
Nina and John Saalfeld
Kim Sandford
John and Judith Saunders
Kate Saunders
Professor Steve and Dr Sharon Schach
Elizabeth Scott
Marcelle Segal
Stephen Segal
Michael Shanahan
Robin Shand
Ann Sharp
Jeannette Sharpe
Judith Shelley
John and Elizabeth Sheppard
Mark Shippen
Susan D Shrubb
Jann Skinner
John Pearson Smart
Robyn Smiles
Claire Smith
Margot Smith
Merran Smith
Norma Smith
Timothy Stableforth
Jennifer Stace
Lyndall and Miles Stackpool
George Stathers
Russell A. Stewart
Michael Stokes
Nicole Strasser
Linda Styles
Chris Sutton
Frank Talbot AM
Geoffery Quentin Taperell
Linda Taylor and Fiona Rimes
John and Jeneanne te Wechel
Denise and Chris Thomas
Frieda Thornhill
Frank Tisher OAM and Miriam Tisher
Helen Tonkin
Greg Turner
Pye Twaddell
Jane, remembering Harris van Beek
Elizabeth Vanselow
Margot Vaughan and Bern Nicholls
Graham and Anne Vimpani
S Walker
Ronald Walledge
Susanne Ward
Alex Warner and Susan Kable
Harry Watson
Caroline Watts
Carol A Webster
Chris White
Janice White
Peter White
Terence Wiesner and Toni Foster
Raymond Willis
Dr Elizabeth Willsteed
Joy Wilson
Sanna and Peter Wilson
Janice Windsor and David Brazier
Chris and Julia Wokes
Gregory W Won
Alan and Narelle Woodland
Susan Wright
Margie Yen
Susan Young
Rachel Zehner
Anonymous x 44

SUPPORTER II $250 - $499
Judy Alford
Jan Allard
Anne Amigo
Josephine Anderson
June Andersson
Laurel Enid Andrews
Janine Arundel
Hilary Astor
Carole Bailey
Virginia Baker
Bill Bamford
Michael Barbour and Elizabeth Heurtier
Barbara A Barraclough AM
Helen Battellino
Richard Battellino
Jane Batts
Annabel Baxter
Claire Baxter
Geoffery Beames
Gwen Bednal
Tricia Bell
Pamela Bennett
Ken Bergin
John Bern
Brigitte Beswick
Mary Bluett
Jane Elizabeth Blumer
Gail Booth
Ian and Bea Bowie
Robert Bradshaw
Alan and Janet Brady
Audrey Braun
Tom Breuer
Merrilyn Brock
Amanda Brooker
Pamela Brophy
Michael Brown
Penelope Brown
Robert Brownell
Susan Bryant
Nerida Bryce
Patricia Buchanan
Axel and Alexandra Buchner
Christopher Buckley
Paul and Louise Budde
Anna Buduls
Peter Burrows
Ian Butcher
Arthur and Ann Butterell
Ian and Christine Butters
Ingrid Butters
Josephine Buttfield
Eileen Byrnes
Dr Genevieve Calder
Simon and Ann Louise Cameron
Jenny Campbell
Margaret Capon
Kerin Carr
Stephen Carroll
Janet Carter
Andrew Catsaras
John Cavanagh
Catherine Charlton
Frances Christie
Lorna Ciesiolka
Christine Clancy
Noreen Clark
Elizabeth Clarke
Annabelle Clarkin
Christine Clough
Siew Clough
Peter Clyne
Jean Cockayne
Mary Cohen
Susan Coleman and Geoff Bryant
Warren and Margaret Collins
Christine and Demetrius Condos
Graham Cook
Megan Coombs
Cooper Family
Elaine Cornell
Phillip Cornwell and Cecilia Rice
Richard Cottrell
Julie Cottrell-Dormer
John Cowie
David Cox
Patricia Cozens
Margaret J Craig
Leonie Critchley
Rosalind Croucher
Jennifer Cunningham
Charles Curran AC
Katrin Cutbush-Sabine
Bruce Cutler
Frances Dalziel
Elizabeth Darton
Tricia Darton
Michael Davies and Jo-Anne Pallister
Carolyn and Philip Davis
Isobel Daison
Richard Lautour
Cynthia Dearin
Brian Diamond
Richard Dickinson
Bruce Dockrill
Catherine and William Dollman
Graeme Downey
Irene Drizulis
Duesbury Warwick
Robert and Pamela Duffin
Gillian Dunkerley
Chris Dunstan
Dennis Dwarte
Dinah Eadie
Anne Eager
Margaret Easton
Roland Ebringer
The Rev Donald Edgell
Coralie Egan
Richard Elstone
Sophia Errey
Thomas Exner
Enid Eyles
Wendy Fairbairn
Richard Farago
Caroline Feetham
Kate Finsterer
Bev Firth
Sheila Fitzpatrick
Gail Fitzsimons
Therese Fletcher
Vivienne Fletcher
Alan Foster
Marguerite Foxon*
Andrew Foy
Janine Francis
Pam Freeland
Mary T Freeman
Lynden Gallagher
George and Jan Garnsey
David Garrioch
Mark and Elizabeth Garwood
Bridget Gay
Janet Gibson
Brian Gilchrist
Isabel Glasson
Malcolm Good
Trish Goodman
Ken Gordon
Richard and Heather Gorrell
Elaine Graham
Debra Green
Diana Grellman
Pauline Griffin AM
John Grigg
Jan Grose OAM
Linden and Helen Gulson
Janine Haddow
John Haigh
Richard and Di Hall
Dianne Hallett
David Hamilton
Ruth Hampton
Stephanie Hardy
Roger Hargraves
Rosalie Harpham
Bronwyn J Harrison
Karl and Elisabetta Hartleb
Jeff Hawke
Janice Haworth
Nicholas J. Hayes FCA
R and Y Hazell
Pam and William Hazelton
Norman Heckenberg
Michel Hedley
Frank Hemmings
Margaret Hennessy
Stephen Hider
Susan Hill
Janet and Peter Hook
In Loving Memory of Dean Huddlestone
Ruth Hulbert
Elizabeth Hunt
Moira and Frank Hutchinson
Florence Hydon
Dr Vojislav Ilic and Mrs Helen Yuen Ilic
Leo and Mary Ingham
Patricia Inglis
Malcolm Irving
Geoff and Josephine Isaacs
Peter and Delia Ivanoff
Jacqueline Jago
Louisa Ruth Jeffers
Stuart Jennings
Ruth Jeremy
David Johnson
Margot Johnson
Robyn Johnston
Robert Johnstone
Ainsley Jolley
Adrian Jones
Barry Jones
Barry Jones AO
Doreen Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Fiona C Joneshart
Chris Joscelyne
Eszter Josza
Kathryn Jowitt
Jolyn Karaolis
Imogen Kelly
John Kelman
Geoff Kerins
Mrs Eileen Kerkhof
Catherine Kershaw
Alice Killen
John and Joan Killick
Meansy Kim
Alasdair King
Daniel Kirkham
Janet Kneeshaw
Elizabeth Knights
Robin Knowles
Henri and Sandra Korn
Margaret Kropman
Thomas Kudelka
Katherine Kulakowski
Nicole Lacy
Julie Laforest
Jane Lake
Anne Lampe
Cecily and Bernard Lavery
Sandy and Richard Lawson
Greg Lee
Karen Lee
Rosi Lembke
R and N Lenffer
Anthony Lenten
Howard Leslie
Jim Levy
Megan Light
Kevin Lindgren
Wendy Lindgren
Vera Lloyd
Peter Loughlin
Minna Lucas
Mrs Iris Luke in Memory of Dr Clifton Luke
Mary and Robert Lusby
Catherine J Lyons
Mavis Lyons
Bridget Mabbutt
David Mackaway
Denise Mackenzie
Vivienne Gail Mackenzie
Rae Macpherson
Ros Madden
Linda Madgwick
Mary Maher
Ian Stewart Maitland
Tom Mangan
Helen Manley
Sarah Mares
Roslyn Markham
Christina Marks
Carina Martin
Patricia Martin
Shirley Martin
John Mason
Janet Mathieson
David Mawter
Barbara Mayes
David McCarthy and Lisa Corbyn
Lois McCutchan
Janet McDonald AO and Donald McDonald AC
Judith McDonald
Rosemary McDonald
Heather McFarlane
Shirley McKenzie
Terri McKenzie
Glenys McLaine
Dr Allan and Mrs Patricia McLay
Terese McManus
Kent McPhee
Tony Meiusi
Graeme Mendelsohn
Danuta Mendelson
Hall Metcalf
Jenny Margaret Miles
Ian Mills
Margaret Mills
Stephen Mills
Dorothy Mitchell
Ruth Mitchell
Anna Mitchelmore
Pierrette Mizzi
Stewart and Helen Hodgson
Lynette Moncrieff-Hall
Anne Moon
Elaine Moore
Susan and Frank Morgan
Anne Moseley
William Mountford
Anna Murdoch
Carolyn Martagh
Sanjiv J Mattukumaru
Collin Myers AM and Marilyn Myers
Janice Nash
Susan Neill and Leon Dewbery
Dr Peggy Nightingale
Mr Peter Noar and Mrs Carolyn Noar
Robyn Noel
Elizabeth Nolan
Georgene O'Brien
Jennifer O'Brien
Sue Olby and Ken Green
Neville Olliffe
Lee Fehlberg and Alison Orr
Loris Orthwein
Barbara Osbourne
Carolyn Rose Owen
Anne Owens
Ann Packman
Warrick Paddon
Johann Palfy
Anne Palme
Patricia Pamphlett
Roger Pamphlett
Jane Parkes and Christian Hart
Sharyn Parkins
William Paterson
Craig and Jill Pearce
The Pellow Family
Carolyn and John Penn
Sefika Ozden Petale
Linda Pettersson
Anne Pickles
Christopher and Kira Pointer
Annete Polman
Ian and Michele Pont
Graeme Porch and Annie Atkinson
Jane Potter
David Poulton
Bronwyn Powell
Ian Powell
EJ and TJ Proft
Paul Pryor
Ian and Glad Rannard
Harriet Rasmussen
Annette E Rea
Stuart Read
Anglea Ree
Anne Rees
Sandra Regan
Viktoria Rendes
Fiona Reynolds
Margaret Rich
David and Robyn Riches
Brian Williams Ricketts
Fiona Rimes
Helen Robertson
Toni Robertson
Jane Rodgers
John and Joan Rodgers
Anthony Rogers and John Ulrick
Janice Rogers
Julie Romaniuk
Dennis Rozani
Peter J Rose
Lyn Rosen
Raymond Rosen
David and Hazel Rosenfeld
Bronwyn Ross
John and Inger Rothschild
Macek Rubetzki
Annette Rubenstein
Meredith Rundle
Margaret Rush
Monica and Marta Ruzicka
Margaret Ryan
Christopher Ryan
Lois Saleeba
Diane and Edward Sandrejko
Felicity Saunders
Nicolas Saunders
Helen Scanlon
Anna Schaafsma
Margaret Schoonbeek
Dr Anne Mary Scott
Jacqueline Segal
Reeva Segal
Rajah Selvarajah
Miss Sharon Sherry
Patricia Sigreaves
Dianne Simpson
David and Lorelle Skewes
Geraldine Skinner
Christine Smith
Sheila Smith
Sue Snepp
Judy Snowdon
Michael Soon
Judith Southam
Brian Sowerby
Robert Springall
David Spurgeon
David Stanton and Rufina Ismail
Cecilia Maria Stenstrom
Dr Robyn Stephenson
Jan Stevens
Jane Stevenson
Robert Stewart
Rod Stockell and Julia Kelly
Natalie & Tanya Stoianoff
Louise Stuckey
Tony Sweetnam and Phyllis Noemi Butow
Margaret Swinbourne
Anthony Tarleton
Sally Tayler
Frank and Margaret Thomas
Elizabeth Tiffin
Greg Tillotson
M Titterton
Sharon Tivey
David Tomlin
Julian Trebeck
Steven Turner and Amanda Trenaman
Mary Treuen
Helen Tuite
Vivien Twyford
Steven Vanags
Charles Verge
Crina Virgona
Margaret Vooght
Maxine Wain
Colin Waldron
Michael Wall and Susan Lake
John Walsh
Donna Ward
Hannah Wargon
Julie Watt
Catherine Weaver
John Webber
Lynne Webber
Elizabeth Webby AM
Antony Weiss
Kerry Wells
Dr Ian Wesley
Dr J and A Whaite
Margaret Wheelwright
Mary Whitehead
Mark Whitwell
Alfred Wener Widmer Sr
Christopher and Elizabeth Wilkinson
David Wilkinson
Jillian Walton
Peter Williams
Jannice Wilson
Valerie Wilson
Annie Wong
Geoffrey Wood
Gregory Wood
Marsha Woods
Ron Wright
Evelyn and Anthony Wyatt
Nancy Wyles
Manuela Zappacosta
Anonymous x 146

Camille Abbott
Maris Abolins
Christopher Adams
Elizabeth Adams
Michael Adams
Sue Adams
Valerie Adams
Helen Adamson
Naomi Aitchison
Stephen Alchin
Rebecca Alderton
Barbara Allen
Belinda Allen
Gillian Amiss
Dawn Anderson
Dr Gwyneth Anderton
Robyn Arnott
Polly Ashburner
Nicole Ashton
Andree Austin
Irene Avgenicos
Lydia Aynbund
Elvala Ayton
Carolyn Babicci
Joanne Baee
Shirley Bains
Ron and Mavis Baird
Arthur and Jane Baker
Meg Baldock
Richard Banks and Alexandra Taylor
Lesley Barclay
Charles Bare
William Barnard
Margaret Barnes
Judith Barter
Lilian Barter
Francine Bartlett
Judith Bate
Jennifer Bateman
Nicola Beard
Graham Beaumont
Robert Beazley
Alison Bell
Katherine Bell
James Belton
Judith Benjamin
Isabelle Bennett
Elizabeth Bennetto
Tom Bergmann
Stephanie Berry
Margaret Besley
Susan Bienkowski
Louise Binney
Ian Bird
Linda Blackwell
Kent Blackmore
Jennifer Blackwell
Davine Blakeman
Beatrice Blanks
Stephen Bloomfield
Catherine Bloor
Julia Blunden
Joanne Booth
Joanne and John Bowen
Patricia Bradbury
Denise Brady
Julian Brenchley
Christine Bridle
Patricia Brincat
Zoe Clair Brinsden
Stephanie Briskin
Lyn Broadstock
Dianna Brookes
Carmel Brown
Michael Browne
Noelene Browne
Virginia Brunton
Gwen Buckeridge
Iain and Julie Buckland
Dr Alexandra J. Bune AM
Bill and Robyn Burch
Diana Burden
Gwenyth Burford
Anne Burgi
Ms Frances Burke
Graeme Burnham
Christina Busby
Judy Bush
Sister Kathleen Butler
Burcu Buyuksar
Liz Buzza
Ann P Byrne
John Byrne
Patricia Calabro
Peter and Margaret Cameron
Paul Cantwell
Pamela Carder
Christa Carey
Hans and Dorothy Carlborg
Marie Carson
Anne Cary
Janneke Casson
Patricia Glanville- Miller
Helen and Gwen Chalmers
Sarah Chance
Barbara Charlton
Dr Joanna Cheung
Mary Chiarella
Fiona Chircop
Dian Clarke
Elizabeth A Clarke
Gabrielle Cleary
Kaye Cleary
Wendy Cobcroft
Maureen Coffey
Cynthia Coghill
Julienne Cogley
Karen Coleman
Homer J Simpson
Janice Collins
Lee Ann Connor
Helen W Constable
Johannaa Conway
R. Cook
Alan Coombes
Greg Cooper
Elizabeth Corbett
Simon Corbridge
Jane Court
Elizabeth Coyle
Malcolm Craig
Dr Lindy Crocker
Felicity Cronan
Sue Crosby
Gretchen Crosling
Elizabeth Cross
Janice Cross
Susan Crowe
Robert Crowhurst
Jacqueline Cupitt
Christine Curran
John Curran
Sue Curry
Clare Cusick
Maureen Cuthill
Judith Daley
Anthony Darcy
Mrs Elaine Davidoff
Poppe Davis
Ralph Davis
Nicholas Day-Lewis
Terry De Ste.Croix
Cynthia Deakin
Fairlie Debruyn Cunningham
Anne Denison
Carol des Cognets
Carol-Lynne Dettmar Chard
Helen Dicker
Edmond and Sheila Dillon
Coral Dixon
John Dixon
Aniko and Frank Dobosi
Margaret Donachy
Gabrielle Donovan
Susan Dornan
Gudula Dornseifer-Szekely
Elizabeth Douglas
Jill Douglas
Tony Doukakis
Ginny Douthwaite
Phillip Dows
David Drage
Reverend Rodney Drayton
Jan D'Silva
Lea Duffell
Marguerite Duggan
Rick Duke
Allan Dunn
Isabel Durney
Maria Isabel Durney
Rosemary Dusting
Lyn Dwyer
Patricia Eaton
Andrew Edgar
Anne Edmonds
Anne Edwards
Lynne Edwards
Angela Egan
Chris Egan
Pauline Egan
Margaret Elder
Elaine Elliot
Dr Michael Elliott
Susan and George Emeleus
Nicholas Enright
Anders Ernest
Lauren Esdaile
Barbara and Wayne Evans
Kimberley Evans
Diane N Everett
Robert Eves
Ms Kathryn Fagg
William Allan Fairbairn
Colin Farrah
Jeanette Favaloro
Joseph J. Favetta
Peter Fenton
Coralie Fergus
Thomas Fitchner
Vivienne Fishburn
Pamela Fitness
Helen Fitzgerald
Tim Reginald Fitzsimmons
Barbara Fleming
Alyson Fletcher
Janine Flew
Deb Fogarty
Marilyn Forbers
Lesley A Ford
Andrew Forester
Grahame and Elaine Forrest
Lucy Forrest
Yvonne Frindle
Brenda Monica Fuller
Julia Fung
Barbara Gajda
Sally Galbraith
Janet Gale
Annette Gallard
Julie Anne Gallard
Sherrol Gane
Chris Gardiner
Marianne Gardner
Meredith Garnsey
Liz Gaynor
Jennifer Gedye
Leigh Gemmell
John George
Ron Georgiou
Ulrich Gerber
Elizabeth Gherardin
Anne Gibbins
Kay Gibbons
Shirleyann Gibbs
Robert Gilchrist
Margaret Gillespie
David Gilmour
Margaret Glen
Roslyn Glow
Noel and Carol Godson
Jodie Goldney
Margaret Goldrick
Shirley Gome
Jane Good
Anne Goyer
Peter Grant
Rebecca Grant
Leonie Grattan
James Gray
Madeleine Gray
Suzanne Gray
Janice Grimison
Diana Grivas
Andrew Gundlach
Pamela J Guy
Margaret M Haigh
Melinda Haldane
Christine Hall
Leigh Hall
Margaret Hall
Katherine Hallam
Agnes Halley
Lesley Hamilton
Robert Hamilton
Jennifer M Hammond
Nancy C Hancock
Bente Hare
Sandra Harris
Julianne Harrison
Harry Hatton
Michele D Hauser
Julie Hausmanns
Gaille Hawke
Gwenda Hawke
Elisabeth Hawkins
Jean and Tom Hay
Susan Hayes
Alison Haynes
Margaret Healy
Harold Hecht
Eva Heller
Damian Hendricks
Allan Henriksen
Lesley Higgins
Neva Hill
Ute Hill
Heather Hindle
Alan Hogan
Victoria Holland
Robyn Homes
June M Hope
John Horacek
Elizabeth Hore
Jan Horsfall
Yvonne Hort
Ede Horton
Paul Howdle
Manuela Hrasky
Penelope Hubbard
Robert Hughes
Ruth Hurrell
Gary and Carolyn Hutchens
Christine Hutton
Mrs D Hyde Page
Margaret Hyde
Francesca Hynes
Elfriede Ihsen
Susan Ingram
Ernest Isles
Maureen Ivimey
Nicola and Ian Jackman
Jennifer Jackson
Carolynne Jacobs
Frances and Ron James
Sally and David James
Anita Jawary
Paul Jeffares
Dorothy Jenkin
Ian Jenkins
Katherine John
Beverley Johnson
Janet Johnson
Valerie Johnson
Janet Johnstone
Katherine and Braddon Jolley
Margaret Jolly
Evelyne Jones
Sandra Jordan
Nancy Joyce
John Kalman and Susan Barton
Ansis Kapsis
Ivan Karajas
Margaret Kartomi AM
Alexander Katsman
Pat Kaye
Faina Kazatchkova
John Kazimierczuk
Anthony Kelleher
Jane Kelly
Tim Kelly
Angela Kemm
Kim Kemmis
Jenny Kemp
Margaret Kemp
Clara Kempers
Asaf Kender
Dianne Kenny
Martin Kent
Barbara Kerle
Unity Domino Kerslake
Florida Khaya
Phillip Kidd and Bettina Voss
Julia King
Michele King
Leona Kirkland
Greg Knight-Brew
Marika Kosobowsky
Stephen Kovacs
Annette Kowalczyk
Stefan Kramer
Anne Krone
Adhi Kurniahu
Roslyn Laird
Veronica Lambert
Jo Lane
Dr Micheline Lane
Denis Langley
Ian Lansdown
Peter & Nina Larcombe
Philip Lark
Lynne Laurie
John William Law
Claire Lawler
Colin and Fay Lawn
Anne-Marie Lawson
Kerrie Lawson
Maralyn Lawson
Bernice Lee
Gregory Lee
Hooi Tong Lee
Ms Fayette Lee-Fong
Bobbi Lehman-Horn
Christine Leslie
Martine Letts
Rodd Levy
Cheng Li
Andris Liepa
Roisin Lilley
Pamela Littlejohn
Gillian Locke
Dr Susan Locke and Dr Nicholas Locke
Margaret Long
Ron Lourensz
Catherine Love
Gillian Margaret Lovell
Marian Lowe
Julian Ludowcici
Pamela Luhrs*
Margarete Luy
Robyn Lyndon
John Daniel B. Lysaght
Ann Mackenzie
Elizabeth Mackintosh
Maxine Maclachlan
Eitan Madar
Hilary Maddocks
Mark Magree
Patricia Maguire
Pamela Makey
Katherine Malangre
Helen Malseed
Mr Eugen Manu
Diana Margetts
Carole Marshall
Christina Martin
Cheryl Mayes
Lesley Mazlin
Gillian McAllister
Jeremy McAnulty
Winsome McCallum
Florence McCarthy
John McClean
Fiona McCook
Gerard McCormick
Anne McCrimmon
Margaret McDonald
Peter McDonald
Stanley McGeagh
Kay McGrath
Christine McGuigan
Jane McKenzie
Elizabeth McLauchlan
Rosie McLeish
Carolyn McMurtrie
Roslyn McNamara
David McNaught
Dom McNeil
Jane Meggitt
Lillian Melick
Beverley Middleton
Yvette Middleton
Alice Miller
Faye Miller
Pavla Miller
Susan Miller-Randle
Neville Milson
Louise Mitchell
Kate Molyneux
Alan Monsted
Marion Moran
Phillippa Moran
Stephen Morey
Bob Morgan
Margaret Mooney
Alan Morrison
Patsy Morrison
Rhonda Morton
Ron Moss
Susan Moss
Richard Muhs
Ruth Muir
David Mulcahy
Margaret Muller
Michael Mullins
June Mumford
Olga Munoz
Maureen Murphy
Helen Murr
Maree Murray
Sue Murray
Will Murray
Ruth Mushin
Sarah Myers
Ian Napier
Lindsey Napier
Anna Navarro
Philip Neagle
Jennifer Neary AM
Andrea Nelson-O'Halloran
Cathryn Netherwood
Pamela Neville
Jennifer Newcombe
Ross and Ruth Newman
Kristine Newtown
Linda Newtown
Jan Anne Nicholas
Jenifer and David Nicholls
Phillipa and Ian Nicol
Elizabeth Niemeyer
Helen J Noble
Margaret Norington
Barbara Norris
Steven Nossiter
Elizabeth Anne Nye
Bernie O'Brien
Jan O'Callaghan
Rosemary O'Connor
Catherine Oddie
Jacqueline Oldham
Brett Oliver
Julienne O'Mara
Diane Openshaw
Morag Orr
Meg Orton
Margaret O'Shea
Mr Richard O'Shea
Deidre O'Sullivan
Pamela Oswald
Nancy O'Toole
Janet Outlaw
Genevieve Overell
Penny Oxford
Prue Page
Simone and Henry Pakin
Jacqueline Palmer
Maureen Palmer
Andrew and Edith Parker
Russell James Parkin
Hermione Parsons
Samantha Parsons
Tim Patience
Kay Patterson AO
Diana Paull
Roslyn Pavey
Kris Peach
Helen Peachey
Alison Pearce
Margot Pearson
Eva Perez
Janet Perrin
Alan and Alison Peterson
Emanuel Petros
Jennie Pfeiffer
Elizabeth Philipson
Ruth Pike
Susan Ping Kee
Robyn Pitt-Owen
Margaret Pitts
Evelyn C Pose
Geoff Poynter and Rosemary Clark
Margot Priday
Lyn Priest
Hugh and Heather Proctor
Diana Prowse
Sallie Quarles
Sally Quilter
Mary Quinion
Lea Ragen
Asha Rajah-Clarke
Gordon Ramsay
Linden Ramsey
David Rands
Victoria Rands
The Ranken Family
Gregory Rankin
Jennifer and Philip Rapson
Helen Ray
Pat Rayner
Nick Read
Jane Rees
Jennifer Reilly
Les Renfrey
Mie Rhodes
Michael Richards
Peter Richardson
Anita Richter
Wayne Rickards
Charles Ritchie
Alice Roberts
Michelle Gabrielle Roberts
Gae Robinson
Adrienne Roche
Patricia Roche
Rose Roco
Angela and Michael Rodd
Maggie Mary Rodely
Susan Rogers
Dodi Rose
Lynn Rose
Andrew Ross
Gail Ross
Helen Ross
Anthony Rossiter
Joy Rousel
Jeffrey Rowe
Judith Rowe
Valerie Rowe
Prudence Royle
Sheila Royles
Regina Rozanski
Paul Rubner
Lesley Rundle
Judy Rushton
Jane Russell
Terry Russell
Jacqueline Ruston
Catherine Ryan
Kay Ryan
Carolyn Ryde
Inge Saarepere
Rosemary Sainsbury
Janet Saker
Iveta Samulis
Matthew Santon-Rutherford
Chris Sasse
Mary Schaafsma PHD
Regula Scheidegger
Gudrun Schell
Margarita and Paul Schneider
Susan Schneider
Jane Screen
Judith Scurfield
Vanessa Seah
Verica Sekulic
Sally Semmens
Raymond Seymour
Susan Shand
Rebecca Sharp
Michael Sharpe
Ruth Shatford
Gwennyth Shaughnessy
Janet Shaw
Xavier Shea
Chris Shearer
David Sheridan
Heather Sherlock
Patricia Shibaoka
Lyndell Sieveking
Barbara Simpson
Prof Judy Simpson
Veronica Sinclair
Patricia Singleton
Avril and Mark Skurnik
David and Sigrid Smee
John Smiley
Anne Smith
Ian Smith
Margaret Smith
Dr Margaret Smith
Rohan Smith
Sally Smith
Jenny Smithers
Jonathan Smithers
John R Smyrk
Ann Snell
Getha Somasundaram
Barbara Somervaille
Janet Sorby
Jean Spencer
John Spencer
John Spender
Patricia Spinks
Madeleine Spitzer
Bronwyn Sproule
Judith Stanton
Sybil Stanton
Geraldine Star
Elizabeth Staraj
Jennifer Stephens
Grant Steven
Susan Stevens
Susan Stewart
Natalie Stoinanoff
Mark Stone
Ee Lyn Su
Grace Su
Margaret Sullivan
Penelope Summers
Suzy and Mark Suss
Vivienne Suss
Robyn Sussems
Debbie Sutton
Alice Svendsen
Lindsay Swan
Helen Sweeney
Kathryn Talbot
Kelly Tall
Jill Talty
Andre Tammes
Hidetaka Tanaka
Pam Tatz
Diane Taylor
Jill Taylor
Margaret Taylor
Robyn Tennant
Troy Terpens
Allan and Jung-Ran Terry
M and Dianne Thom
Dianne Thom
Anne E Thomas
June Thomas
Margaret Thomas
Caroline Thompson
Gwen Thompson
Lorna Thompson
Peter Thompson
Margaret Thompson
Caroline Thornton
Ian Thorogood
Gail Tierney
Nicky Tillyer
Catherine Timbs
Alenka Tindale
Janine and Eric Tindall
Laura Tingle
Phillip and Anne Titterton
Diane Tobler
Julia Tompkins
Roger Tonkin
Sandra Torpey
Fiona Trask
Ann Travers
Hugh Tregarthen
Meredith Trevilion
Katherine Trueman
Penny Trumble
Catherine Tweedie
John Van Blommestein
Kathryn van Buizen
Hendrick Vanderboom
Anne Vans-Colina
Harriet Veitch
Christophe Vial
Margaret Vickers
Christine Viglienzone
Marion Villani
Christine Viscogliosi
Philip and Catherine Vitale
Pauline Vivian
Dagmar and Tom von Schwerin
Suzanne Mary Voysey
Forest Waddell
Helen Waddington
Mailis Wakeham
Jennifer Walker
Janice Wallage
Elizabeth Wallis
Ronald Walls
Catherine Walsh
Gabrielle Walsh
Hilary Walsh
Judy Walsh
Heidi Walter
John Wayne
Carolyn Ward
Sue Ward
Margo and Peter Watson
Elizabeth Watts
John Webb
Sandra Webb
Pamela Webster
Penny Weiss
Robert Weiss
Bruce and Ruth West
Margaret West
Joan Wheatley
Graeme D Whisker
Jenny White
Max White
Roseanne White
Dawn Whitworth
Ian Wight
Christine Wild
Ann Wilden
Dr Ian and Mrs Hannah Wilkey
Jackelyn Wilkinson
Robert Wilkinson
Patricia Willard
Mary Willcox and Damien Stapleton
Paul Williams
Rick and Helen Williams
Mary Willis
Johanne Willoughby
Samantha Wilson
Prue Winkler
Ron Witenberg
Terence and Liz Wolfe
Agnes Wong
Julie Wong
Nicholas Wong
Danielle Wood
Frances Wood
Graeme Wood
Julie Wood
Robyn Wood
Maree Woodbridge
Alison Worner
Anne Worsam
Rosalind Wortley
Yuqin Wu
Erin Wyeth
Ken Yapp
Kerry Yates
Lorraine Yeomans
Gail Youll
Catherine Young
Helena Young
Wesley Young
Yvonne Zavasky
Sue Zeckendorf
Iren Zhukhovitskaya
Giovanna Zingarelli
Lara Zolotarev
Anonymous x 231

*Donors to the Brandenburg International Baroque Study Program
#Donors to the Brandenburg Instrument Fund
+Donors to the 30th Anniversary Book
^Donors to the New Works Circle
This donor list is current for a 12-month period to 30 June 2020

If the Brandenburg has enriched your life or if you would like to deepen your involvement with us, we would be thrilled to welcome you into our valued family of supporters.

To find out more, or to make a donation, please get in touch with our Development team:
1300 782 856


APA Group
Bain & Company
Gilbert + Tobin
Link Group
Macquarie Group
Pacific Equity Partners
The Lancemore Group
Toll Group
Investa Property Group


The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra warmly acknowledges the bequest it has received from the Estate of Valda Astrida Siksna.

We are hugely appreciative to all those who have pledged a bequest to the Brandenburg.

R. Cook
Professor Geoffrey N Cooper
Janet Doust
The Faithfull Family
Brian and Leonie Fisher
R J Irwin
Lilly K
Peter McGrath
Penelope Oerlemans
Joan and Lloyd Poulton
Art and Cynthia Raiche
Anonymous x 15


AMATI $250,000 – $499,999
The Eileen Marie Dyer AM Fund

STRADIVARI $100,000 – $249,999
Cary and Rob Gillespie

GUARNERI $50,000 – $99,999
Chris and Kathy Harrop
Macquarie Group Foundation
The Martin Family in memory of Lloyd Martin AM
Christine Yip and Paul Brady

MAESTRI $25,000 – $49,999
John and Robyn Armstrong
Greg Hutchinson AM and Lynda Hutchinson
Nick and Caroline Minogue
Rowan Ross AM and Annie Ross
David and Rachel Zehner

ARCANGELI $15,000 – $24,999
Mr David Baffsky AO and Mrs Helen Baffsky
Melinda Conrad and David Jones
Glenn Moss and the late Dr Ken Moss AM

CAMERATA $10,000 – $14,999
Graham Bradley AM and Charlene Bradley
The Clayton Family
Mick and Lyndall McCormack
Norman Gillespie
Rohan Mead


The following donors have supported the establishment of the Brandenburg Opera Circle, enabling the Orchestra to expand its repertoire into the world of Baroque opera, as well as nurturing young opera singers and creative teams.

Toula and Nicholas Cowell
Wendy and Ron Feiner
Deborah Fox and Harald Jahrling
Justin and Anne Gardener
Irene and John Garran
Ken Groves and Yun-sik Jang
Mary Holt and the late Dr John Holt
A le Marchant
Peter McGrath
Dr Agnes Sinclair
Victoria Taylor
Greg Ward
Ray Wilson OAM in memory of James Agapitos OAM
Christine Yip and Paul Brady
Anonymous x 2

To find out more, or to make a donation please get in touch with our Philanthropy team:
T: 1300 782 856
E: philanthropy@brandenburg.com.au
W: donations.brandenburg.com.au

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